Forex Trading Tips In order and earn profit

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learning forex trading for beginners is tHe goal I wrote this article because many misunderstood about this instrument. Misguided, misunderstanding that makes not a few people deceived and a big loss in forex, although in fact forex trading can bring a big return as long as it understands how to play.

What's the biggest financial transaction in the world?

Maybe you'll say stocks because every day we read in the newspapers and see on TV about the excitement of stock exchanges in different parts of the world. I also have the same understanding.

The three largest exchanges in the world – NYSE, London, Tokyo – combined the transaction amount is USD 300 Billion per day.

Big, isn't it?

Forex trading records a transaction value of USD 6.6 Trillion per day, according to The International Settlement Bank. Many times the value of stock transactions around the world.

I was surprised after knowing this data because so far rarely exposed to news forex trading, do not think so big forex transactions in the world.

Unfortunately, forex has a bad stamp in Indonesia. Considered bodong investment, gambling, speculation and so forth.

There's a saying "don't know, you don't love".

I try to review aspects of forex trading in Indonesia and after that you can decide for yourself whether forex is bodong, gambling or speculation.

For many people, forex is we go to money changer, exchange money, take home dollars or euros, it is considered a forex transaction.

There's something in the take-home stuff.

Forex trading is different, no goods or money you take home.

We retreat for a while, what is the purpose of trading - buy at a cheap price and sell at an expensive price (buy low, sell high) or sell at a high price, buy at a low price (sell high, buy low).

Forex trading has the same goal.

The exchange rate of a pair of currencies changes all the time. You can see in the bank that the rupiah exchange rate against USD can change very quickly.

Well the exchange rate of currencies becomes the object of forex trading. Buy when the exchange rate trend strengthens and sell if the trend is the opposite.

1. Forex Market

This market has a different character to the stock market, namely:

Over the Counter (OTC)

Unlike stocks where transactions occur centrally on the stock exchange between 3 parties (you, brokers and the Stock Exchange), in forex transactions are Over the Counter only between two parties (you and the broker).

In the stock market, bri stock price, in all brokers will be the same, because the source is one, namely the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Stock transactions in Indonesia occur on one exchange or exchange. 

In forex because transactions do not occur on one exchange, but occur between you and the broker, as a result the exchange rate of forex currency can differ in one broker with another broker.

In addition, the absence of exchanges in forex makes the role of brokers to be very central. Because there are only you and the broker who make the transaction.

It must be correctly ensured that the broker can be trusted and legit because there are no other parties involved in forex transactions.

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